Why Operation Education?

The  Operation Education method uses a unique strategy for learning and self-growth with its free accessibility to learn spoken English through Hindi phonics, which is the foundation of our course. This approach creates an opportunity to prepare our students for a new adventure or for the next step in their learning.

English as a Second Language 

English is not only an international language but essential language for interpersonal communication across the world. Learning English is as important as eating food for a living. English is the language for research in any field be it student life or for business. It is essential to learn, read, speak and write in English. It is an important language because as we go anywhere across the globe, English is the most common language which people overseas can speak and write without any hurdle. It plays an important role in spreading knowledge of any kind. One has to have a good knowledge of English to access the sources of any information. India is the third largest English book producing country after U.K

Consequences of better education




Gender Bias



Higher Living Standards

Open Mindset

Better education for family

Vicious Cycle of Poverty

Lower access to education

Bigoted Thinking

Lower Incomes 

Less Employement

  1. help young  Children escape the vicious cycle of poverty
  2. provide them with better education opportunities 
  3. enhance their employment prospects
  4. help them lead a better life




By a  step-by-step english beginners course through videos and make decisions on what to include depending on their interviews.


For future goals, after strong establishment, I will try to get in touch with Indian Government and try to make English mandatory at government schools as well.


Conduct research and evaluate Spoken English delivery in Indian Government schools. Expand current research from New Delhi and Ghaziabad to other major and developing cities in the country.