About This Operation

This operation is an initiative by Samiha Singh, a student at UWSEA East,Singapore as a way of engaging and providing education to less privileged children inn government schools of India.  

Helping them to curate  an open mindset, exterminating gender bias and to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. As better education leads to better employment, in Indian government schools 64% of students  drop out before they start high school and therefore, get stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty. I aspire to inspire them to carry on with their education.

Mission & Vision

The goal of my idea solely is to educate, inspire & increase opportunities for bright minds of India who are under privileged due to the circumstances they are born into. To help them to escape poverty & eradicate gender inequality.

Learning Spoken English Delivery - Hindi Phonics

Learning & Knowing  English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or for finding work abroad. It's also the language of international communications, the media and the internet, so learning English is important for socialising and entertainment as well as work!